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Delay - chapter 121 will be out no earlier than in 1 week from now

As the title says, I'm too lazy to write more. Chapter sucks anyway (not as much as the previous one but it still sucks). Now that we have RSS you will be notified when the new chapter comes out but I'm giving you heads up.

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Delay - chapter 118 will be out no earlier than in 1 week from now

As the title says, don't hold your breath in waiting for our release. I don't have the time this month to do it at all and Piggy might have some next Friday. So you will have to wait quite a while. BTW, it seems that Mangastream has read the comments here and started to add literal translation under the frames, lol.

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Chapter 117

Chapter 117: MediaFire | MegaUpload | Online reading

ImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image upload

This chapter was a bitch to typeset :P. If you find any mistakes or you have any remarks to make, post a comment please.

Here's v2. Not much of a change besides slightly lesser image compression, adding alternative version of first page with literal title of the chapter and separation of words "awak-ened" and lik-ing" (thanks gernot for pointing it out):

That's why I'm not swapping links, decide for yourself which version you prefer and let me know in the comments if it's the latter.

Edit 2:
Nice picture I've found that could serve as an advertisement to read Claymore.

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Chapters 93-123 (Batch download)

Rapidshare | | BayFiles

I thought that maybe a batch file would interest some of you. Downloading 20 chapters one by one isn't too convenient. There's also unified name system which could be useful. And DO NOT UNPACK IT, it's unnecessary. Use this awesome program (called Manga Meeya). There is also PicWalker which has some better and some worse features than MM and even though it's very old it's much better than CDisplay. Here's alternative link for PicWalker.

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Chapters 93 & 94

No, it's not a mistake. We've released (and by "we" I mean Piggy ;P) chapters 93 and 94 and want to release chapters 81 and 92 to have every English translation made by awesome gernot in a scanlation (the ones gernot made himself we probably won't redo). BTW, thanks to that gernot has revised these translations and they're even better than before.


Chapter 93:

MediaFire | MegaUpload

Chapter 94:

MediaFire | MegaUpload

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Chapter 114

Chapter 114: MediaFire | MegaUpload

In case you're a hardcore Claymore fan and would like to have scanlation with an updated gernot translation I recommend downloading it.

It could have been released sooner but we were waiting on gernot to decide which version of his translation of the line on page 12th is more accurate:
It would cause a lot of casualties among the organization's men too
It has / they have (already) caused a lot of casualties among the organization's men as well /
A lot of the organization's men have (already) been injured as well

We've decided to go with the second version since it makes more sense seeing the context. The response "so even those two are planning to oppose the organization" somehow fits better when it turns out that they have already done something to them (although "they're planning" makes it a bit less clear). I doubt that twins would be able to make such a mess without MiB noticing it and not trying to stop them (and by stop them I mean persuade them not engage them in combat). I might be wrong though and maybe after 115th chapter is released and we will see the location where the twins are in more detail we will change it.

Anyway, one of gernot's Japanese friends thought that the version we've used is the right one and the others were unsure so even Japanese people can't tell for sure and only Yagi knows which is better :). For that reason we've added alternative version of the translation too, marking it as "1" in superscript on page 12. The same goes for page 17 were we've added literal translation and marked it as "2" in superscript. That's because it differs quite a bit from the more liberal version and let's you interpret it the way you want it.

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Chapters (83-86)\{84} by gernot

This is not MiB's scanlation but gernot's.

I've decided to post it since I'm sure there are some hardcore fans who prefer a better translation over nice cleaning/typesetting and his 2.5 years old version isn't available anywhere any more AFAIK. I've downloaded his releases from

Chapter 83: Mediafire | Chapter 85: Mediafire | Chapter 86: Mediafire