Monday, May 7, 2012

Claymore has NOT ended + Databooks

Gene from TSS forums (the Gene who does Chinese scanlations of Claymore of great quality, even better than MS) and Mangahelpers forums has informed Mangahelpers community that Claymore has not ended..

I asked a friend of mind in Japan to contact the editorial Dept this morning, and Shueisha staff said the Claymore IS NOT ENDED and we could still expect the next chapter in the coming NEXT ISSUE!!!!

Later on another reader also called them to further confirm this info, and the editor replied that it was a Mistake and Claymore's story hasn't end!!!!

I Checked this on 2ch and found some similar replies from the Japanese reader, it seemed many have contacted the Shueisha and got the same answer.

You can thank Gene for this here:

On other news, I wanted to ask if there is someone who knows Chinese or Japanese willing to translate Claymore databooks? It's the only untranslated (to English) Claymore product left. Along with DragoZERO, Cyclone and possibly some more people we're trying to make it work however a skilled translator (preferably one who would translate from Japanese not Chinese) is needed for this. I know there is a ton of text but if it was done at a slow pace (like one page a week or rarer) maybe someone could find some time to do this? The first book has been partially translated and "only" pages 4-9, 13, & 15-22 are needed (numeration as in the file I'm presenting below). Databooks 2 and 3 for now are irrelevant, DragoZERO would like to finish what he started first. We also need cleaners and typesetters for this so if someone would like to help it will be much appreciated (and of course your name will be in the credits but that goes without saying).

Chinese version:
Databook 1 | Databook 2 | Databook 3

Japanese version:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Tishare | GameFront | | Batoto | Discussion | Thank Gernot

So here's the last Claymore chapter we will get in a while. I doubt it's THE END but you never know. Until we'll get some information from Jump Square editors or Yagi himself we won't know. As you've noticed there is no MF link above and that's because our MF accounts have been suspended and files deleted. Instead you can download chapter using as good file hosts as MF (I especially recommend TS and GF). We probably could use MF if we would encrypt the files, use some random names and password and did some other stuff but it requires more work than it's worth (not to mention it's bothersome for downloaders). Hence we'll be using these. If you want you can share links to MF (assuming you will post a direct link, no advertisements in the middle), there are probably some mediafiretards that refuse to use anything else :P. But to be honest these 3 links (+online readers) should suffice. No captcha, no waiting and quite decent speeds even for unregistered users should be enough to make you forget about MF.

Here's last part of a batch of our releases.
Chapter 126th in this batch isn't of the latest version, use the links above for that.

You can download all of our releases by going here: