Saturday, March 30, 2013

Desert Punk volume 6

Here's proofread volume 6 of Desert Punk. Previous version that you could have read on Batoto had many mistakes in later chapters so I recommend that you download this one (dialogues make more sense now). As for Sunabozu vs. Desert Punk, I went with a recommendation of our translator and because author himself uses it (look at the start of every volume, the title is in romanji). I might add pages with Desert Punk later on (although anyone who has Paint or Gimp can easily do it himself) but for now I don't have that much time (and I prefer to spend it on delivering new chapters rather than changing the existing ones just because someone doesn't like the Japanese name of my favourite protagonist in any manga ever) and soon new Claymore chapter will be out it takes precedence.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chapter 136

Translator: Gernot
Typesetter: Goral
Raw from Share

Special thanks to Gene from TSS.

I've updated the links  since I've swapped page 2 with something less shitty. Had to redo this whole page using a different raw.