Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chapter 133

Chapter 133:
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Here's MiB version of 133 Claymore chapter. No nipple nor nostril have been lost during cleaning process (contrary to MS version ;P) but that's the only advantage over MS's version (well, there is also the fact that we do not use annoying watermarks and they made a mistake with one of the words writing it 3 times instead of 1). Not that many people will read this anyway ;P. We're back to good old days when only a dozen people or so were downloading our version. Thanks for your support.  

Oh, and be sure to thank and congratulate Gernot for his 50th Claymore translation.

For those interested here are 3 different version of the coloured page that came from 3 different scans of the raw:

image host image host image host

8:30 a.m., Thursday, December 6, 2012 (CET) edit:

Here is a QS version of the scanlation. I've also added "biki" on the last page which I've somehow omitted and resized page 8.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Chapter 132

Chapter 132:
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Translator: Gernot
Cleaner/Typesetter: Goral
Raw from Share

Edit: I've repeated the same sentence in the next to last bubble on page 31. Sorry. I'll correct it (as in re-upload whole chapter) once I re-check everything and do some minor editing (like adding biri/gishi and some other onomatopoeia that aren't too hard to add). For now here's the corrected page:

Edit 2: I've swapped the links with the ones leading to the corrected one which has other improvements like erasing traces of another page that was shining through the page 22 (did something similar in few other places but not all) and added some more onomatopoeias.

Also, here's a version I'll use for archiving purposes (it's with literal translation footnotes):  

Boxnet | Tishare | Imagebam

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chapter 131

Chapter 131:
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Translator: Gernot
Cleaner/Typesetter: Goral
Raw from Share

Since Mangastream has decided to pick Claymore up again I wasn't in a rush (also, much earlier translation from Chinese to English was available and was quite accurate). Here it is, with superior translation and worse graphic quality than MS one.

Edit: Oh, and it's our 3-year anniversary. A little over 3 years ago we've released our first chapter in English (chapter 95). At the time we were posting them at Mangahelpers.

Edit 2:
I've swapped Tishare and GF links with updated ones. The second version of MiB scanlation has translation change on pages 24 and 25 (neither Gernot nor me has noticed that the first AB was also female) + 4 onomatopeias in romaji form + a very, very minor change to page 21 (graphics-wise).

Friday, September 7, 2012

Chapter 130

Chapter 130:
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Translator: Gernot
Cleaner: SuppaiNoRingo
Typesetter: Goral
Raw from Share

Many thanks to SuppaiNoRingo who has done a superb cleaning job and Gernot of course for his super accurate and awesome translation.


Gernot has made two minor changes to pages 18 and 22 and notified me about it (Page 18: She's once cut off---> She once cut off.
Page 22: the every --> every):

ImageBam image uploadImageBam image upload

Plus here are pages without footnotes.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I have no idea when the scanlation will be out

Thanks to SuppaiNoRingo it has been cleaned very well and all that remains is copying and pasting translation which we don't have yet. The raw has arrived later this month and I'm not even sure Gernot got my message and whether he has started working on it already. My guess is that he's more busy than usual so it may take some time before he starts (and finishes it). I recommend to subscribe to our RSS feed (use Bamboo reader for example) so that you would be notified the moment it will be out. Otherwise you might be disappointed each time you will visit this blog.

In the future I would prefer to inform anbout the status on MangaHelpers forum so that there would be mostly releases here instead of posts that do not bring much relevant content.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Claymore Databooks - Databook 1, page 4

Since it doesn't look like we will ever have any databook translated into English, here's one page that I was able to scanlate thanks to Dza9000's translation:

Imgbox | Imagebam | Translation by Dza9000 (.txt file)

image host

I was wondering whether to edit my previous post and add it to 129th chapter news or make a new post but I decided to do the latter (despite giving you 1 page only) since I still hope that someone who knows Japanese or Chinese will volunteer and translate at least pages 5-9, 13 and 15-22 so that we would at least have Databook 1 translated. More details here.

I've added original .txt file that Dza9000 has sent me in hopes that someone could proofread it and check the accuracy of the translation. particularly, I don't get why there is "commerce" in B-01 section. I've also made some proofreading myself so it's possible that I've made it worse than it was (who -> whose, soldier -> warrior and few other things like that, nothing major) so I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions and most of all help :].

Oh, and I didn't know who to credit for the raw so I've left it uncredited. It looks exactly the same as Chinese version I have so if someone knows who I should credit, please let me know.

What little of Databooks we have, you can find it on Mangahelpers.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chapter 129

Chapter 129:
Tishare | GameFront | Batoto | Imagebam
Discuss | Thank Gernot

Translator: Gernot
Cleaner/Typesetter: Goral
Raw from Share

Later than last time because Mangateers has retired and I had to wait for Share raws. Special thanks go to SuppaiNoRingo for offering help and helping with chapter 81st (it should be released in the near future). He would have done the scanlation if I hadn't had so much free time. Also, we're still looking for translators for Claymore Databooks.

Update 2:
Gernot has translated the missing line (thanks God Eye Galatea for pointing it out) and done some corrections thanks to Haegar's proofreading. So here's version 2 (for now only Imagebam and Gamefront links have been updated, once I get back from church I'll swap the rest).

Monday, July 2, 2012

Chapter 128

Chapter 128:
Tishare | GameFront | Batoto | Mangateers | Imagebam
Discuss | Thank Gernot

Translator: Gernot
Raw Provider: Mangateers
Cleaners: Gernot, Goral
Typesetters: Goral, Piggy

OK, here it is. Week earlier than last time thanks to Mangateers (we got HQ raw from them). Be sure to thank them by going to their site. Many thanks go to Gernot of course who not only has translated chapter but also helped me cleaning it !!!

Oh, and if you would like to help with cleaning you can contact me at Manga Helpers via PM. Maybe that way our next releases could look better.

I'm pretty sure that Gernot will make some corrections to his translation so scanlation would also change. I'll write an update in that case.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chapter 127

Chapter 127:
Tishare (highly compressed) | Tishare (less compressed) | GameFront | Batoto
Discuss | Thank Gernot

Thank Gernot that he translated the chapter even though he was very busy. And in the future follow Manga Helpers to be most up to date, I can't write everything here since blogspot isn't the most convenient way or best place for it (for example it's not the best place to advertise other scanlations or translations).

I was super rushing so there might (read: will) be typesetting (or other) mistakes. I'll correct them once I get back (around 10 h).

Update 2:
This one has more changes (but still nothing major), there are a bunch of changes Gernot has made thanks to haegar's suggestions. Gernot has also pointed out to me that I've cut out the footnote on p. 31. I've swapped Tshare and Gamferont links with proper ones (GF has the lesser compressed version, so it's 2 times as big as TS one).

Also, we're still looking for translators for databooks.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Claymore has NOT ended + Databooks

Gene from TSS forums (the Gene who does Chinese scanlations of Claymore of great quality, even better than MS) and Mangahelpers forums has informed Mangahelpers community that Claymore has not ended..

I asked a friend of mind in Japan to contact the editorial Dept this morning, and Shueisha staff said the Claymore IS NOT ENDED and we could still expect the next chapter in the coming NEXT ISSUE!!!!

Later on another reader also called them to further confirm this info, and the editor replied that it was a Mistake and Claymore's story hasn't end!!!!

I Checked this on 2ch and found some similar replies from the Japanese reader, it seemed many have contacted the Shueisha and got the same answer.

You can thank Gene for this here:

On other news, I wanted to ask if there is someone who knows Chinese or Japanese willing to translate Claymore databooks? It's the only untranslated (to English) Claymore product left. Along with DragoZERO, Cyclone and possibly some more people we're trying to make it work however a skilled translator (preferably one who would translate from Japanese not Chinese) is needed for this. I know there is a ton of text but if it was done at a slow pace (like one page a week or rarer) maybe someone could find some time to do this? The first book has been partially translated and "only" pages 4-9, 13, & 15-22 are needed (numeration as in the file I'm presenting below). Databooks 2 and 3 for now are irrelevant, DragoZERO would like to finish what he started first. We also need cleaners and typesetters for this so if someone would like to help it will be much appreciated (and of course your name will be in the credits but that goes without saying).

Chinese version:
Databook 1 | Databook 2 | Databook 3

Japanese version:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Tishare | GameFront | | Batoto | Discussion | Thank Gernot

So here's the last Claymore chapter we will get in a while. I doubt it's THE END but you never know. Until we'll get some information from Jump Square editors or Yagi himself we won't know. As you've noticed there is no MF link above and that's because our MF accounts have been suspended and files deleted. Instead you can download chapter using as good file hosts as MF (I especially recommend TS and GF). We probably could use MF if we would encrypt the files, use some random names and password and did some other stuff but it requires more work than it's worth (not to mention it's bothersome for downloaders). Hence we'll be using these. If you want you can share links to MF (assuming you will post a direct link, no advertisements in the middle), there are probably some mediafiretards that refuse to use anything else :P. But to be honest these 3 links (+online readers) should suffice. No captcha, no waiting and quite decent speeds even for unregistered users should be enough to make you forget about MF.

Here's last part of a batch of our releases.
Chapter 126th in this batch isn't of the latest version, use the links above for that.

You can download all of our releases by going here:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Batch download, chapters 93-125 +83,85-86 + Claymore Special

Chapters 93-102 (100th chapter also in colour):

Chapters 103-115:

Chapters 116-126 +Special +Gernot's 3 scanlations:

Chapter 126th in this batch isn't of the latest version, use these links for that.

Because MF deleted most of our files we will probably stop using it and switch to some other free file hosts. For now here's another batch of everything we've released so far, so chapter 93-125 + Extra Scene (Claymore special to be accurate) plus there are also gernot's scanlations included since they were deleted from MF. If you can post mirror links in the comments, that would save us some trouble ;P.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Extra Scene 5

Extra Scene 5: Rapidgator | Batoto | MangaRush

I recommend discussing it on the biggest Claymore forum (at the moment):!

Something might change in it later so be sure to check it out later.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Chapter 125

Chapter 125: | Bayfiles | Batoto | MangaRush

Here's version with some corrections (concerning splitting the words like exce-ed -> ex-ceed, adding "munch" in some places and taking into account the change in Gernot's translation) and without the unintended spoiler. It's possible that while correcting the mistakes I've made some new ones so if you find any I would appreciate if you would inform me about it (it's possible since I was using Piggy's .psd files which aren't exactly compatible with the program I'm using).

Badongo | | Jumbofiles | Tishare (as good as MF)

Thank gernot here:

This chapter is sponsored by Piggy (he did 99% of work on the scanlation).

You can download all our previous releases (chapters 93-123) by using this link.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Claymore forum (Animesuki v2)

I would like to introduce you to new Claymore forum which has all topics and posts that Animesuki Claymore forum has, plus more. Since Animesuki Claymore forum was closed down by illogical and spiteful moderators, besides Manga Helpers forum there is no decent place for Claymore fans. So I recommend checking it out. It's exactly like Animesuki forum except anyone can create a thread and you don't need to ask a moderator with a big ego to do it.

image host

For now it's on this server but it would be best if it could transfer to but 42$ (33 euro) are needed. So in case you're interested and can help, please do.

The admin is limao who's a webmaster/programmer and there are quite a few Animesuki old-timers there. So every Animesuki user (and every other user for that matter) should feel at home.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wasteland 2

Those who love Fallout should check Wasteland 2 project out:

Wasteland >> Claymore

Sorry for spamming and using this blog for such advertisement but to me this is the most important event in gaming industry since 1998 when Fallout 2 was released. So if you can, help financially by donating even 15$ (you will get a digital, DRM-free copy of the game). You won't regret it as long as you enjoy playing games that require using your brain.


Also, PayPal pledge option is available now.

Definitely the best interview so far. So much interesting information and most importantly I can rest assured now that Wasteland 2 will be worth any money.:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Boxnet | Batoto (Online)
Thank gernot here:
Discuss here:

Edit: Here's version 2 (slightly different typesetting but there are no major changes).
Bayfiles | Mediafire

Thanks Fraktur for pointing out my huge mistake.

Those who love Fallout should check Wasteland 2 project out:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Claymore awards

At Manga Helpers 3 days ago started a competition in which users nominate and later vote for Claymore candidates for awards in categories such as:

- Best Claymore Character
- Most Overrated Character
- Best Human or Black Coat Character
- Best Awakened Character
- Most Underrated Character
- Most Emotional Scene
- Favorite Quote

and many other.

All in all there are 20 categories and up till March the 5th you can nominate your candidates and later you will be able to vote on your favourites. I encourage any Claymore fan to do it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chapters 93-123 (batch download)

Mangastream has dropped Claymore and they've deleted (or at least hidden) access to their chapters (including the newest) so here's a batch of all our releases for your convenience (since currently only Mangatraders allows for easy downloading, at least from the sites I know). Previous batch was quite popular but since MU has been taken down I've decided to update this post as well as make a new one. As the last time, I strongly encourage you to use Manga Meeya or PicWalker or some other program (like CDisplayEx - which personally I don't recommend but it's still way better than Windows Picture Viewer or even Irfan View when it comes to scanlations) to browse manga more easily and without unpacking it.

Chapters 93-123 (batch download):
BayFiles | Rapidshare

Here's also chapter 100 in colour: Mediafire

Chapter 124:

And here you can find links to chapters 83, 85 and 86 with gernot's translation, made by gernot (quality isn't too good but the script is as always the best and IMO that's the most important thing).

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chapter 123

Chapter 123: MediaFire | Bayfiles | | Batoto (Online reader) | MangaRush (online)

Thank gernot for this release.

If you're a purist use Bayfile link (MF is also fixed). Or just save this page (p. 16). The difference is miniscule.

Edit: Backup link - BF 2

Edit 2:
Chapters 93-123 (batch download): | BayFiles | Rapidshare

Those who love Fallout should check Wasteland 2 project out:

Monday, January 9, 2012

Chapter 122

Chapter 122: MediaFire | Online reading | Batoto

Not bad chapter IMO (even though it's short), Yagi has shown us that Hysteria's form was well thought out. Thanks to everyone who reads our version :). And thank you Ren for offering help.

Those who love Fallout should check Wasteland 2 project out:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A plea for help

Please read this and help if you can by going here for example (contact Morten or post in one of the sticky threads):

image host

GWR (Gantz Waiting Room) is the best scanlation group I know. They scanlate only most interesting, most under-appreciated and most unique manga. They are pioneers and trend setters and they don't care about popularity of the manga as most groups do. They scanlate titles which no one is willing to do (at least until it's popular enough) and use their own money to buy tankobons. But now with less and less people caring about them doing anything (after all why read such great titles as Desert Punk, Dorohedoro, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, etc. when you can read hundred different ecchi title or some other shit) and sites such as Manga*ox, Manga*ere, Manga*eader and similar making profit they're losing their motivation. So here's my plea as a fan of their work - help them if you can. Either by donating money or better - by becoming a translator/typesetter/cleaner. You might not know them but trust me, they are doing much better projects than Claymore (and this is coming from a Claymore fanatic). If you haven't read Dorohedoro, Desert Punk, Moyashimon, Shingeki no Kyoujin or dozens of other titles they've scanlated you don't know what you're missing. So if you have doubts go to their site and see for yourself.

Claymore chapter 122 should be out in a couple of days, raw was released rather late and no one had the time to make a scanlation after Christmas holidays.