Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chapter 131

Chapter 131:
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Translator: Gernot
Cleaner/Typesetter: Goral
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Since Mangastream has decided to pick Claymore up again I wasn't in a rush (also, much earlier translation from Chinese to English was available and was quite accurate). Here it is, with superior translation and worse graphic quality than MS one.

Edit: Oh, and it's our 3-year anniversary. A little over 3 years ago we've released our first chapter in English (chapter 95). At the time we were posting them at Mangahelpers.

Edit 2:
I've swapped Tishare and GF links with updated ones. The second version of MiB scanlation has translation change on pages 24 and 25 (neither Gernot nor me has noticed that the first AB was also female) + 4 onomatopeias in romaji form + a very, very minor change to page 21 (graphics-wise).