Thursday, February 26, 2015

Desert Punk 78 & 79 (2/9 of vol. 13)

Chapter 78
Batoto | 2shared

Chapter 79
Batoto | 2shared

We're looking for a jp->en translator for volume 14. Details in previous post. Unless we find one you will end up with a cliffhanger like you've never seen before :P.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Desert Punk 76 & 77v2 (vol. 12 complete)

1 page was missing in chapter 77. Thanks hakis22

Chapter 76
Batoto | 2shared

Chapter 77v2
Batoto | 2shared

So as I've written before, we have translation up to volume 13. After that there will be a hiatus and most likely you'll never know what happens next. I've been trying to find a translator for years but to no avail (BDR was interested but Desert Punk is very hard to translate). This manga is too obscure, too anti-mainstream (no moe, no naked boobs, etc.) and hard to translate since it's a seinen (in shounens they have furigana which makes translating much easier).

I've posted recruitment posts on Mangafox (it has 1 view - mine), at Mangahelpers - 54 views (and even topics where money is offered aren't much more popular, although it might be that everything is handled silently), at Batoto you can see for yourself and at Baka Updates 38. The problem here is that translators rarely frequent such places and if they do, they usually have a specific manga in mind so it's a tie-in transaction. And with such an obscure manga as Desert Punk it's even more difficult.

I've tried to pitch this manga to 3 translators already (those that I know a bit, well and very well) but none of them seemed interested because they didn't find this manga appealing and they don't have that much free time.So I have no idea how to convince anyone to pick this manga up and translate it short of hiring someone to do it (but that would require a budget which we don't have).

So if you have any ideas on how to resolve this situation I'm all ears. Also, if you can spread the word and try to pitch this project to some groups I would be most grateful.. Maybe there would be one willing to continue our work. As a self-proclaimed biggest DP fan I wouldn't mind to hand over the reins as long as I would get my fill of Desert Punk :P.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Links to volumes 1-11 (Desert Punk download)

Vol. 11 (Mediafire

Desert Punk chapters 68 & 69

Chapter 68
Batoto | 2shared

Chapter 69
Batoto | 2shared

This completes volume 11 with one of the best chapters in the whole manga IMO (that Junko scene :D and the end of the volume when shit hit the fan :/).

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Desert Punk chapters 66 & 67

Chapter 66
Batoto | 2shared

Chapter 67
Batoto | 2shared

I'll add chapter 67 in 2-3 hours. BTW, what do you think about new layout?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Desert Punk chapters 64 & 65

Chapter 64
Batoto | 2shared

Chapter 65

Don't get used to such frequent releases though :P. I have another great news for you, benevolent Teriguu has offered to clean Desert Punk so starting from volume 12 the quality will be as good as it can get. He has just sent me cleaned chapter 70 and once I finish volume 11 I'll get straight to typesetting it. Be sure to thank him.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Desert Punk 62 and 63

Chapter 62
Batoto | 2shared

Chapter 63

I've got good news and bad news. The good news is obviously that DP is back. The bad news is that I'll be cutting corners and won't clean raws, straighten crooked pages, etc. but only copy/paste with some very basic typesetting. Otherwise it would take me too much time which I don't have and I would like to finish this project. Thanks to Etienne the project stayed alive when no one was willing to translate and thanks to Ikkyusan the quality of translation stayed the same. Ikkyusan especially deserves credit because he translated up to 13 volume so at worst you will get the translation and raws can be easily found on the net. I have time till February 26th and I'll try to scanlate as many chapters as I can.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jump SQ Interview with Norihiro Yagi

Hello everybody!

Remember that interview with Norihiro Yagi that appeared in the December issue of Jump SQ? Well guess what! We now present it,  in all it's scanlated glory, for the edification and betterment of what's left of the Claymore fandom. To read or download, simply click on the relevant link below

 Link to read on Batoto

 Link to download

If you want to help with translating the long version shout in the comments below, PM me over at mangahelpers, track me down through tumblr or otherwise make your intentions known. Utsune the Great and Good is swamped with Real Life right now and isn't able to commit to it T_T

EDIT: Fourtunately Kenji, deus ex machina extraordanaire, stepped in and translated the full version :D Read it here ^^

Enjoy ^_^

-Number A

Also, here are all the pretty pictures in case you don't want to go to Batoto ^^