Saturday, February 14, 2015

Desert Punk chapters 68 & 69

Chapter 68
Batoto | 2shared

Chapter 69
Batoto | 2shared

This completes volume 11 with one of the best chapters in the whole manga IMO (that Junko scene :D and the end of the volume when shit hit the fan :/).


  1. Really thanks to the release... this series is awesome n ur massive release is a fresh breeze for the DP fans...
    I read that u plan to scanlate DP as long as u can... I pray that will be until the end of DP :)

    Anyway, thanks for the hardwork

    1. Yeah, I love this manga too. Like I said earlier, 13 volumes are practically guaranteed (at worst case scenario you'll get translation + raws) the problem begins with volume 14. We don't have Japanese-English translator and I think the only way to get one would be by hiring one (i.e. paying him). Which is impossible considering that too few people read this and that it is very hard to translate (it's seinen for a reason, it would have to be a really good translator in order to be even remotely accurate). Also, raw for volume 15 is very hard to get (I can't find it anywhere, there are some password protected ones with password that doesn't work).

      Anyway, if you enjoy DP characters and dialogues you will definitely love Age of Decadence game. I recommend to try the demo and see for yourself.

    2. I've seen the review of the game and it looks promising, reminded me with Dragon Age and Neverwinter night. It's unfortunate that the game is still demo... I don't mind waiting a great games though.
      As for the DP project, God will gives guide to people who help the others (considering u help DP fans to follow this series, hahaha)... Good luck n hope God will bless u...

    3. Age of Decadence is in Early State which means that most of the locations, quests and characters are done. Demo is 2 years old and lacks many features that Early Access has (not only locations but also it's less optimized and other inconveniences).