Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chapter 127

Chapter 127:
Tishare (highly compressed) | Tishare (less compressed) | GameFront | Batoto
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Thank Gernot that he translated the chapter even though he was very busy. And in the future follow Manga Helpers to be most up to date, I can't write everything here since blogspot isn't the most convenient way or best place for it (for example it's not the best place to advertise other scanlations or translations).

I was super rushing so there might (read: will) be typesetting (or other) mistakes. I'll correct them once I get back (around 10 h).

Update 2:
This one has more changes (but still nothing major), there are a bunch of changes Gernot has made thanks to haegar's suggestions. Gernot has also pointed out to me that I've cut out the footnote on p. 31. I've swapped Tshare and Gamferont links with proper ones (GF has the lesser compressed version, so it's 2 times as big as TS one).

Also, we're still looking for translators for databooks.