Friday, April 27, 2012

Batch download, chapters 93-125 +83,85-86 + Claymore Special

Chapters 93-102 (100th chapter also in colour):

Chapters 103-115:

Chapters 116-126 +Special +Gernot's 3 scanlations:

Chapter 126th in this batch isn't of the latest version, use these links for that.

Because MF deleted most of our files we will probably stop using it and switch to some other free file hosts. For now here's another batch of everything we've released so far, so chapter 93-125 + Extra Scene (Claymore special to be accurate) plus there are also gernot's scanlations included since they were deleted from MF. If you can post mirror links in the comments, that would save us some trouble ;P.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Extra Scene 5

Extra Scene 5: Rapidgator | Batoto | MangaRush

I recommend discussing it on the biggest Claymore forum (at the moment):!

Something might change in it later so be sure to check it out later.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Chapter 125

Chapter 125: | Bayfiles | Batoto | MangaRush

Here's version with some corrections (concerning splitting the words like exce-ed -> ex-ceed, adding "munch" in some places and taking into account the change in Gernot's translation) and without the unintended spoiler. It's possible that while correcting the mistakes I've made some new ones so if you find any I would appreciate if you would inform me about it (it's possible since I was using Piggy's .psd files which aren't exactly compatible with the program I'm using).

Badongo | | Jumbofiles | Tishare (as good as MF)

Thank gernot here:

This chapter is sponsored by Piggy (he did 99% of work on the scanlation).

You can download all our previous releases (chapters 93-123) by using this link.