Sunday, June 23, 2013

Desert Punk - ch. 41 & 42 (+gun pages)

ch. 41


42.5 (gun pages)

I'll probably make some corrections later and upload a whole volume but I don't want to delay the release any further. This arc was really good, especially when read from start to finish. I really enjoyed it and if not for Kanta's dreams (which start to annoy me a bit) it would have been perfect. Oh, and I love author's comment about Junko's tits at the end of the volume (gun pages).

Anyway, you can direct your thanks most of all to Ikkyusan from GWR who has translated this volume as well as French publisher (yes, it's being translated from French, hence not everything is translated and there are some mistakes). Without him we wouldn't be able to read this awesome manga. Thanks should also go to Happy Scans (I'm not sure who exactly though since I'm not dealing with them directly) who cleaned the bubbles. And me (I've also done some cleaning plus rotated crooked pages and typeset) ;P.

Also, if you're a translator or a typesetter/cleaner and would like to help you can contact me here :).

Monday, June 10, 2013

Desert Punk ch. 40
I won't have time till June 19th so you can expect next chapter no earlier than in about 2-3 weeks. Unless there would be someone willing to do the typesetting of some chapters...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chapter 139

Translator: Gernot
Cleaner: SuppaiNoRingo (AKA RingoCygnus)
Typesetter: Goral

Many thanks to SuppainNoRingo for cleaning a rather bad raw. We still had to use Share raw for double pages since there was too much material cut out to redraw in the one that appeared on Baidu.

Also, here's coloured page cleaned by SuppaiNoRingo without any subtitles:
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