Sunday, October 20, 2013

Desert Punk - chapter 54 (vol. 9 complete) 
Told you it would take long. And unfortunately next chapters may take even longer to scanlate (assuming they will be translated). So if you like this manga you could advertise it to other people and maybe you would find someone willing to spend some time on translating this awesome manga. There are some volunteers willing to typeset/clean but they will have no work to do without English text available to be put into bubbles. Also, if you live in France you could buy volumes 10-13 of the manga and maybe it would be easier to find someone who knows French (currently it is being translated from French, so it's a translation of a translation, hence some things are untranslated or there are distortions). I'm not sure how long it will take Ikkyusan to scanlate his volumes, I've asked him about it a long time ago and by the looks of it he doesn't have time to do so. BTW, this chapter ends 9th volume (which was much shorter than usual) but I won't make a batch file yet since there is a chance that bonus pages will be translated.

As for Claymore, since Waychanger is doing such a good job Gernot has decided to not translate it anymore (at least for now). And by the looks of it no one even cares, otherwise there would be some questions  either here or on Mangahelpers. He's made two corrections though which you can read here.

If someone who knows French would be willing to translate 'bonus pages' (the ones with guns) and character summaries I could include them in volume 9. If anyone's interested I can send these pages to him/her.