Monday, December 5, 2011

Delay - chapter 121 will be out no earlier than in 1 week from now

As the title says, I'm too lazy to write more. Chapter sucks anyway (not as much as the previous one but it still sucks). Now that we have RSS you will be notified when the new chapter comes out but I'm giving you heads up.


  1. I am eagerly waiting for your translation, and cleaning. I have to say I like the end picture very much.

  2. Claymore is semi sucking for quite some time already.
    Since the battle od Pieta, Yagi introduced so many new characters, and unfortunately most of them lacks depth and uniqueness. The plot itself lost clarity and intensity. Still love it though, can't help it, I'm addicted :)

    Thank you Goral for your awsome work, no need to hurry.

  3. You have it wrong. Piggy does almost all the work, I only on occasion.

  4. In that case big, big thanks to Piggy!
    Btw if you need any help, just give some contact info. I'm quite good in editing or lettering.