Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Desert Punk 82 (5/9)

Batoto | Mediafire | Boxnet

  Not much has changed since the last time, we only have translation for volume 13, volumes 14, 15, 16 and 17 (yes, there is even volume 17 now) will most likely remain untranslated. And as you can see with this chapter, things are only getting interesting. It's a shame really and it's one of the reasons why it took me so long to release the next chapter. If this manga was more popular some other group would have already released all these volumes by now.

BTW, if anyone has volumes 12 and 13 backed up upload them to Mediafire/Boxnet/Dropbox and share them here please. I have the original files somewhere (I think :P) but it would take me a lot of time to find it (I could also just download Batoto version which unlike other aggregate manga sites has the latest version of the chapters). Unfortunately 2shared links don't work anymore (for the most part).


  1. You're awesome for scanlating this awesome manga.
    Thanks for sticking the whole way through!
    I have faith that one day desert punk will be completely translated into english

  2. After searching for translator for a while, I found some "unique difficulty" that translators find it cumbersome to translate it.

    First, of course, the heavy kanji text that Desert Punk use in the series.

    Second, the plot and the military content that Desert Punk has is considerably complicated. If u already read Desert Punk from beginning maybe it's okay, but if u r a new translator, u will find it confusing to translate it to match the context.

    The third reason is related to the second reason. Some translator's did translate series due to his hobby (unfortunately, DP is not that popular I guess despite of its brilliant plot n character). Some others, did it for its own practice to be fluent in Japanese, DP kanji characters was not common to use in dailiy's life. So, translating them as learning purpose is a bit unpractical... especially for those who seeks japanese language certification.

    Well, despite of those reasons, I think it's still worth to introduce this series to someone else (hopefully, to a capable translator). As they said, all worthy things in this world are never easy.

    P.S. those are the complain that a trasnlator gives to me after trying translate it... so maybe it's not entirely correct...

  3. Seriously i appreciate it, i don't know japanese and my english isn't fluent, but if you need any help with weapons and something like that, maybe i can help, just contact me.