Friday, July 5, 2013

Desert Punk - ch. 43 + vol.7

Chapter 43

Vol. 7
Boxnet (divided to chapters) | Tishare (loose pages) | Batoto

Only pages 83 and 153 (chapters 39 and 41) were changed but still the changes are rather significant so I recommend downloading this batch (unless you did so already from Happy Scans site).

As for Claymore, I'm waiting on a Share raw. The one that came out has too many pieces missing.


  1. This chapter has been a bitch to typeset and clean. There were several difficult places to clean, especially pages 6,7 and 31. As usual most pages were crooked and there were other things to do which took way more time than cleaning bubbles.

  2. Doing some work on Hitman and the redrawing is killing me, took me a couple of hours to do a few pages then theres the leveling and hardbrushing... ugh..

  3. Thanks for another great release.

  4. Thanks a lot.

    It's hard to find mangas of this quality in recent years. Good thing you guys are still working hard with this one.

  5. thanks bros, desert punk is my favorite