Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chapter 134

Chapter 134:
Tishare | Boxnet | Batoto | Imagebam | Thank Gernot

I was using this raw so there are some things that could be done better but after joining pages 12 and 13 I've lost motivation to do much more ;P. I can tell you from the get go that Mangastream has at least 3 4 mistakes (nothing major) so if you're not that concerned about quality I recommend MiB release ;). Although to be honest this time their scanlation is more blurry than usual (on th other hand they have awesome fanart so I recommend to check their version out).


  1. Thanks for the release. Happy new year MiB.

  2. Thanks and Happy new year!

  3. Thanks and Happy New Year everyone.

  4. Thanks for the release =).

  5. Thanks a lot for the new chapter

  6. I really like MiB release. Keep up the good work. happy new year.

  7. Yahooo thank you so much for your hardwork!
    Aaand may this year be a happy year for yer good soul who sacrifices your time to deliver this great story to us :'D

  8. Thanks for the new chapter :)

  9. Thanks for your release, and Happy New Year!!! \^O^/
    I always wait your release and pick it as my collection

  10. Goral, are you obsessed with Mangastream? Why do you keep mentioning them? Do you want to advertise their crap?

    I dunno how they are doing now, but I remember the past: crappy watermarks, plastic photoshop editions, zero updates etc. I'm pretty sure they dont write stuff like: "Goral is late and have funny footnotes".

    I said, screw them! Who cares about their existence? We came here because we value YOUR work.

    Thank you for the new chapter!

    1. It's simple really - I want to emphasize the differences between our releases so that anyone who would be wondering which version to choose would know beforehand what to expect. Although if someone would come here, then there would be a good chance he would download MiB version
      But seeing my cleaning job (or lack of it) could deter some so I'm presenting arguments that could compensate for that fact.

      BTW, I forgot to mention but I've also added more transliterated sound effects than MS ;P.

  11. and that is why Goral, people respect you, more than we do MS.