Monday, June 10, 2013

Desert Punk ch. 40
I won't have time till June 19th so you can expect next chapter no earlier than in about 2-3 weeks. Unless there would be someone willing to do the typesetting of some chapters...


  1. Thank you for the new chapter.

  2. recently came upon this manga. fucking love it!!!!
    BIG THANKS for everyone involved in bringing this manga to the english reading masses!!!

  3. I started reading sunabozu after this blog. Now I'm more interesting in this than Claymore XD...

    1. On this blog only good things are recommended ;). You should also check Age of Decadence out (you can download demo) and Wasteland 2 once it comes out. BTW, no one is paying me for advertising these titles, they are just pictures with links that I've done myself to promote RPGs that remind me of Fallout 1.