Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Desert Punk 86 (9/9) - vol. 13 complete

Chapter 86
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It's the last chapter of volume 13. Huge thanks to Ikkyusan for translating it and Teriguu for cleaning it. Now to the part that probably interests you the most - zek777 has volunteered to translate a couple of Desert Punk chapters. He's Vietnamese and his Japanese and English aren't perfect so be considerate. Since my English is probably even worse I won't be able to help much in terms of proofreading. I assume that won't be a problem though since the difference between having a translation and not having it is colossal :].

As for volume 15, there is a possibility to hire a professional translator (one that some groups hire) but we'll see how it goes and whether there would be people willing to help in such capacity but that's far away from now. Of course it would be best if someone would dump translation of all the volumes but that's unrealistic. As far as I can tell translating 1 DP volume by a manga fan who also translates as a professional would cost 150-200$.  That's both cheap and expensive. Cheap, because we're talking about a guy who takes a lot more money for translating professionally and he gives a huge discount (especially for a manga that he's not interested in) and expensive since I wouldn't be willing to finance it myself.

That's our current situation. Tell me what you think about it.


  1. Yayy for the new translators... hope he will stick around longer after finding how great Desert Punk is...
    As for the pro translator, due to the involvement of money, I can't do much... I can only hope for the best. Thanks you Goral, ur (truly) hard work till now is much appreciated...

  2. Thanks for the hard work! Good luck to the new transators!

  3. I don't know squat about the translating scene, not sure if I can speak on this topic. If more people would be willing to pitch in however, 200$ doesn't sound that bad, though it would be more than half of my monthly salary (if I was still working, that is... <_<). You guys are not the only ones that want this manga translated, we're not in terrible hurry as well, since there's only one tome per year, and #17 was just published, so maybe it's worth to try and reach out to fans first here and there? I'm not sure how people react to this kinda donating thing, but I don't see anything wrong with it as long as the manga isn't licensed in English.

    I'm also mildly concerned that whoever you have on mind here, isn't interested in the title. But like I said, I know nothing of the scene.

    By the way, I can't find current information on Usune. How's his health, does anybody know something? I have a weird luck falling for titles whose authors either land in hospital at least once a month (GANGSTA.) or finish them on deathbeds (Alive: TFE), gods bless them all regardless.

    Anyhow, big giant thanks to zek777, I'm hoping he will enjoy working with You and Sunabouzu. I'm looking forward to anything the future brings. Again, thanks to everyone on the project. Thanks to Ikkyusan for being with it until now. Thanks Goral for keeping us informed. Thanks MiB for picking up Sunabouzu. You're awesome.

    1. I wouldn't want money from someone earning a minimal wage, that would be just wrong. I've only asked this to see whether this would be a viable option but judging by the number of replies and declarations it wouldn't be.

      Hopefully we will get 14th volume translation and we'll see from there how to proceed.

  4. Thanks for all, I really appreciate it. If we could find some people who were willing to each donate a bit I would help, of course.
    On the translation note: I could help with english proof reading if you need someone