Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wedge Download Links

Hey! Apparently some of you are having issues viewing files I've uploaded in posts. This is totally lame so here are all the chapters we've released so far for download :)

Also, dropbox, I am NOT using your product to distribute pirated content. Jojo Lii, the creator of The Warrior's Wedge, has given us permission to scanlate his series provided we acknowledge him as the author which he totally, 100% is. Rawr.

Anyway, here are the links ^_^ I will come back and update this post when new chapters are released. Please let me know if there are any issues, I don't seem to be able to reply to comments here but I can, and do, read them.

Scene 1:
Scene 2:
Scene 3:
Scene 4:
Scene 5:
Scene 6:
Scene 7:
Scene 8:
Scene 9:
Scene 10:
Scene 11:
Scene 12:
Scene 13:
Scene 14:


  1. Hi, I'm the one who left a comment about not being able to see the whole pages earlier, thanks for listening. Also, it turns out (for some reason) that the amount of the page I see depends on how far down I've scrolled from the top of the page (with no scrolling being the best). No idea what causes that, or even if it's on my end or yours.

  2. How many chapter of Wedge in Total?

  3. Thanks for scanlate of this incredible doujinshi I really enjoy it, and long ago I found another doujinshi of claymore in baidu and I would like to share you and know if you would like to scanlate? Of course if the author gives them permission to do so, this is the doujinshi link:!/l/p1