Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jump SQ Interview with Norihiro Yagi

Hello everybody!

Remember that interview with Norihiro Yagi that appeared in the December issue of Jump SQ? Well guess what! We now present it,  in all it's scanlated glory, for the edification and betterment of what's left of the Claymore fandom. To read or download, simply click on the relevant link below

 Link to read on Batoto

 Link to download

If you want to help with translating the long version shout in the comments below, PM me over at mangahelpers, track me down through tumblr or otherwise make your intentions known. Utsune the Great and Good is swamped with Real Life right now and isn't able to commit to it T_T

EDIT: Fourtunately Kenji, deus ex machina extraordanaire, stepped in and translated the full version :D Read it here ^^

Enjoy ^_^

-Number A

Also, here are all the pretty pictures in case you don't want to go to Batoto ^^