Sunday, September 15, 2013

Desert Punk - chapter 52
Next chapter really good stuff begins so you have something to look forward to, believe me :]. This arc was so-so IMO since I didn't particularly like the revelation about Taro and such strange plot-twist. If not for the first chapter of Desert Punk and introduction of a similar case I would probably be upset even that something like this was added but all in all I liked it, not as much as previous chapters though. The most interesting part of this arc was getting some info about Kanta, other than that it was nothing special (for Desert Punk standards, it's still way better than even the best chapters of most manga I know).


  1. A quiet post, interesting. Thanks for the new chapter :>

  2. Thanks million!
    I've been reading this manga for quite a while and I'm quite curious how it goes further.

    Again, thank you very much for all your (you & team) efforts.


  3. still good stuff. thanks alot!!