Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chapter 131 - Version 2

Chapter 131 - Version 2
Translator: Gernot
Editor: RingoCygnus
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Hope this clumsy copy of Goral's posts looks alright... (Don't have a boxnet account so I used mediafire and I can't update the batoto chapter, can only add new ones... I think)

- Here's chapter 131, The tankobon version.
No interesting changes unfortunately. However, the quality from the tankobon is far better- I will also probably clean other tankobon chapters once volume 24 comes out... (Don't have enough time to redo old ones at the moment)
It probably looks different from what you're used to as I also typeset it and I don't use the same fonts as Goral (with some exceptions). If anything really bothers you, do tell and I'll make a note of it.

Last thing I should probably mention is that they changed the title of the chapter in the tankobon.
Chapters 128 ~131 are all called "Symbol of a knight" (I, II, III and IV), which is nothing big but I thought I should mention it in case anyone gets confused over the title.


  1. hello! I would like to inform you that already left the raw of chapter 135.

  2. We know. RingoCygnus has already cleaned it and Gernot is working on the translation. MiB release will be out at least 12 hours after MS's though since that's what they want and they are the ones with earlier raw (so without them Gernot could not start his translation this early, although this time the raw I found was only few hours behind theirs, not 12 h but whatever).

  3. The font used for the kakusei was a success IMO, I really read it with a monster voice ñ_ñ