Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Claymore forum (Animesuki v2)

I would like to introduce you to new Claymore forum which has all topics and posts that Animesuki Claymore forum has, plus more. Since Animesuki Claymore forum was closed down by illogical and spiteful moderators, besides Manga Helpers forum there is no decent place for Claymore fans. So I recommend checking it out. It's exactly like Animesuki forum except anyone can create a thread and you don't need to ask a moderator with a big ego to do it.

image host

For now it's on this server but it would be best if it could transfer to claymorefans.com but 42$ (33 euro) are needed. So in case you're interested and can help, please do.

The admin is limao who's a webmaster/programmer and there are quite a few Animesuki old-timers there. So every Animesuki user (and every other user for that matter) should feel at home.

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