Saturday, August 11, 2012

Claymore Databooks - Databook 1, page 4

Since it doesn't look like we will ever have any databook translated into English, here's one page that I was able to scanlate thanks to Dza9000's translation:

Imgbox | Imagebam | Translation by Dza9000 (.txt file)

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I was wondering whether to edit my previous post and add it to 129th chapter news or make a new post but I decided to do the latter (despite giving you 1 page only) since I still hope that someone who knows Japanese or Chinese will volunteer and translate at least pages 5-9, 13 and 15-22 so that we would at least have Databook 1 translated. More details here.

I've added original .txt file that Dza9000 has sent me in hopes that someone could proofread it and check the accuracy of the translation. particularly, I don't get why there is "commerce" in B-01 section. I've also made some proofreading myself so it's possible that I've made it worse than it was (who -> whose, soldier -> warrior and few other things like that, nothing major) so I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions and most of all help :].

Oh, and I didn't know who to credit for the raw so I've left it uncredited. It looks exactly the same as Chinese version I have so if someone knows who I should credit, please let me know.

What little of Databooks we have, you can find it on Mangahelpers.


  1. Just so you know, some words are in bold+italic to emphasize that this particular term has it's own section in the Databook. In the original it was strange version of rectangular brackets.

  2. Are you referring to 「 」 or 『 』 with the strange rectangular brackets? Those are really just japanese quotation marks. What you did worked fine though. Page is a bit gray-ish though, could level a bit more to white and remove dusts on black. Then again, it's only a simple databook page, so I guess it doesn't really matter...

    1. Thanks for your reply :).
      Yeah, exactly (「 」). As for my cleaning job, for one thing I'm lazy and for another I'm unskilled so it looks as it looks.

  3. Thanks for the page -- it's better than nothing, I 'reckon.