Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chapter 114

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In case you're a hardcore Claymore fan and would like to have scanlation with an updated gernot translation I recommend downloading it.

It could have been released sooner but we were waiting on gernot to decide which version of his translation of the line on page 12th is more accurate:
It would cause a lot of casualties among the organization's men too
It has / they have (already) caused a lot of casualties among the organization's men as well /
A lot of the organization's men have (already) been injured as well

We've decided to go with the second version since it makes more sense seeing the context. The response "so even those two are planning to oppose the organization" somehow fits better when it turns out that they have already done something to them (although "they're planning" makes it a bit less clear). I doubt that twins would be able to make such a mess without MiB noticing it and not trying to stop them (and by stop them I mean persuade them not engage them in combat). I might be wrong though and maybe after 115th chapter is released and we will see the location where the twins are in more detail we will change it.

Anyway, one of gernot's Japanese friends thought that the version we've used is the right one and the others were unsure so even Japanese people can't tell for sure and only Yagi knows which is better :). For that reason we've added alternative version of the translation too, marking it as "1" in superscript on page 12. The same goes for page 17 were we've added literal translation and marked it as "2" in superscript. That's because it differs quite a bit from the more liberal version and let's you interpret it the way you want it.


  1. You guys are awesome!!!Thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you very much!
    I think you adding footnotes was the best answer for the dubious meaning of these sentences.

  3. Thanks for another chapter!

    And btw - would you guys consider adding dots at the end of sentences? It's not a big deal, not annoying or anything, just for the sake of perfection :)

  4. We're not adding them because for some reason gernot doesn't like them, so it looks exactly like in a Japanese version. I would also prefer it with European punctuation (i.e. "...", ".", ",") but we're going with his wish. And there's another problem - our English (i.e. mine, Piggy's and racjona's) isn't that good and I'm not sure Polish rules for punctuation would be similar to English :). Even when writing this post I wasn't sure where to add a comma. But that goes only for punctuation as a whole, adding dots at the end of sentences wouldn't be a problem but like I said, it's gernot's wish and we don't mess with him ;). From what I've seen MS does the same.

  5. In earlier chapters (e.g. 95) we've been using ellipses, commas and dots and this was the only thing gernot criticized :).

  6. To me keeping the characters names uniform spelling (some of them changed a bit from the older releases) is more impotant than commas and dots. However these are of a big importance, since their placing can change a sentence's meaning. However keeping them in the same place as the Japanese bubbles is unreasonable (except regarding the three dots, also reticences, cause they always are placed at end of a sentence) because in the English tranlation they should be in a place coherent with this language.

  7. As for the names, we're using what gernot is using and now it's "Deneve" but "Denebu" or "Denevu" were equally fine IMO. With transliterating it to rōmaji and then choosing an English equivalent there are several options and it's hard to decide which is the best. Some people just got used to Deneve and when they saw sth else were annoyed by it but it's not a mistake. To this day I have no idea which English version of リガルド (Rigaldo/Riguald/Ricardo?) is the most fitting and when writing posts on Animesuki I often write Riguald and Rigaldo. With Rubel/Ruvuru/Louvre it's similar, Dauph/Duff also and it's like that with many other characters, e.g. Rune/Renee (although Rafutera/Rafutela is the same thing since Japanese people don't pronounce "L"). The most important thing is for the names to be recognizable and I think they are. Personally I don't see a reason to change our releases from almost 2 years ago because of this and the one we're using now looks to be the best since gernot uses it now so changing the names to the ones we've been using 2 years ago would also be stupid.

    As for the punctuation, gernot's translation is always rather explicit (if it's not it's not because of lack of comma) and lets us know what exactly was written.

    Anyway, if you would like us to change sth we would need concrete examples and suggestions since like I said our English isn't the best so we won't correct gernot.

  8. Many thanks for doing a fantastic job guys! Keep it up!

  9. i almost had a heart attack of happiness with this chapter :D